Sunday, May 1, 2016

Campaign Bookmark Earthquake Relief Fund 2016

Hi all,
My friend and I are doing a Campaign Bookmark Earthquake Relief Fund 2016 - a charity fund raise for  Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund

The target goal is $1,000,000.00 for each relief fund. Donation from this charity will be contributed to both relief funds equally. You can donate any amount as you wish and minimum donation is $1.00.

Each donor will receive below printable bookmark file.Please email us once you've donate and we can email you the printable bookmark file. You may mention preference of your fund if you wish too.

Bookmark Earthquake Relief Fund 2016

Bookmark details:
  • Each bookmark measures approx. 2 x 7 inch. 
  • Files - 1 pdf and 1 jpeg 
  • Files are high definition resolution 300dpi which allows you to print using your home or office printer easily!
  • This printable bookmark is ready for easy print out & cut on your own. 
Recommend material for printing - card stock.

You are welcome to print as you wish, but please limit use to PERSONAL only.

We will list donors name(on the right side of the blog) each time we received a donation.

Hope its not to late to help needy, let us do good deeds while we still able and still alive.

Once campaign ended, we'll make the donation as well write an email to Globalgiving project leader of the Earthquake Relief Fund, Ms. Britt Lake, to inform her about this campaign (include the collected amount) :).

Thank you for your support and God bless us all.

Campaign Bookmark Earthquake Relief Fund 2016
Start: 01st May 2016 - End: 31st May 2016

Updated 13.06.2016:
Both charity relief fund still short of $500-800K to reach their target amount which is $1million. Hence, we decide to continue the campaign for another 2-3months :).
So far we only managed to collect $8.00. Well, hope we able to collect more than enough.

We hope you can donate generously..thank you & God bless you :)

*This charity fund has ended. You may directly donate at globalgiving website. TQ :)

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